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Fewer but more intense cyclones for the South Pacific

Dr. Debbie Abbs of the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP) told Asia Pacific journalists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)in Australia on 4th November that while research suggests fewer tropical cyclones in the South Pacific, research also suggests an increase in the proportion of the most intense tropical cyclones in the South Pacific.

Dr. Debbie Abbs, CSIRO, Australia.

“The good news is that there will be fewer tropical cyclones. The bad news is that those that do form will be stronger and can cause more damage.”

Dr. Abbs explained how tropical cyclones formed. They form when large cloud clusters draw swirling air inwards and upwards. The further inward the air goes the faster it swirls and tropical cyclones form where large-scale convection is favoured.

Dr. Abbs said PCCSP needed to continue studies and to improve climate models as the science is still new. The PCCSP is assisting decision makers and planners in the 15 partner countries including Tonga better understand how their climate has changed and how it may change in the future.

The Asia Pacific Journalism Centre awarded fellowships for “Reporting Climate Change and the Environment” to 13 journalists from Indonesia, Timor Leste and the Pacific. They are Anisah Issimel, National Broadcasting Corporation, PNG; Peter Korug, The Post Courier, PNG; Rozalee Nongebatu, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, Solomon Islands; Verenaisi Tuvuki Raicola, The Fiji Times, Fiji; Alain Simeon, Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation, Vanuatu; Unumoe Esera, Le Weekender Newspaper, Samoa; Monalisa Palu, Broadcom 89.5FM and correspondent, ABC Radio Australia, Tonga; Rikamati Naare, Broadcasting and Publications Authority, Kiribati; Teresipha Da Costa, journalist, Suara Timor Lorosae Newspaper, East Timor; Yuliana Lantipo, Sinar Harapan Newspaper, Indonesia; Made Ali, freelance Journalist, Indonesia; Anugerah Perkasa, reporter, Bisnis Indonesia, Indonesia; Stefanus Akim, Tribun Pontianak Daily, Indonesia.

Climate Change Fellows, CSIRO, Australia



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